Get Paid to Search for Travel Deals


So you consider yourself an expert at hunting travel deals? Then, you should head over to Voyando. This online exchange works on a simple premise that some people would rather pay an expert to find them travel deals rather trawl through tons of websites and comparison engines. These, I assume must be people with less time and more money. One can get paid anything between $1 to as high as $100! Obviously, the payment will be commensurate with the degree of effort and the value you bring to the deal. You just need a computer with Internet connection and you are in business.


Of course, you could also be the buyer and pay someone to do the grunt work for you. Or you could just subscribe to our mailing list to be informed of any deals.You just register on the website and begin. There are competitions listed (assuming you are a researcher), which you can browse through and participate by expressing your interest in the competition, say “Return airfare from NYC to London”. Then, read the traveler’s preferences carefully to understand their preferences, plans and budget for the trip. It may be just one aspect of travel e.g. airfare or hotel stay. If you need clarity on anything, ask for more details. Then you can fire up your browser and begin searching and comparing for the airfare or hotel stay deals. Be as concise and precise in your submission or post which should include booking details for the trip. The traveler should be able to book the complete trip by using your proposal. Obviously, the best deal wins the prize money. The site (Voyando) keeps 35% of the prize money and pays the rest to you through Paypal, so you should have any account there too.

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